S-C-A-N-D-A-L: Former VP Namadi Sambo, Faces Divorce After Wife Caught Him with Younger Brother doing 'IT'....

 The former Vice President Namadi Sambo may be heading for a divorce after his wife Amina Sambo caught him in an uncompromized position with her younger brother before the 2015 general elections.
According to a Queendoosh.com reader who pleaded anonymity, said the VP's wife was in the know of the husband's preferences for men. But her shocker came when she caught him having **x with her own younger brother which didn't go down well the the couple. My source, also told me that the Former VP is fond of referring to the the wife's younger brother in Hausa as,

 ''Ka pi Amina daadi'' 

Meaning ''You are sweeter Than Amina''. 

 However, she was said to have filled for a divorce after the incidence , but was pacified by relatives and party members to be patient after the general election to avoid been scandalized. The wife, hid to the advice but ever since has been living in a separate apartment far from her husband. As of the time of this report ,they have been family meetings going on because the wife has come back requesting the husband grants her a divorce so she could move on with her life. Meanwhile, an influential Emir and a renowned Islamic Cleric all from Kaduna State are also involved in trying to save the turbulent Marriage.


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Anonymous said...

By the grace of the most high, the giver and taker of life. Either your father or your children's father will commit this attrosity. How stupid of you to post such idiotic lies just to gain popularity. May GOD show u this nightmare in you family. AMEEN. Queen for nothing.

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