Oh My! Nigerian Governor Go Beserk, 'Attacks' President Buhari For Rejecting His Offer To Marry His Daughter, Zahra

This has become becomes by fire by force.. I don't know how true this is but the story has been going on for queit some time now... And we all know that in any rumor, there must be some elements of truth. Read it below;

The Governor of Zamfara State Abdulaziz Yari who was reported to have gone extra miles in a desperate bid to persuade President Buhari to change his mind on his earlier objection to Yari’s move to marry his daughter Zahra, was said to have argued that the President does not have the moral right to reject his overtures to marry Zahra on account of age because Buhari is over 30years older than Aisha.
Yari was said to have argued following reports that, “The President wants his daughter to marry someone not as old as Governor Yari,”
According to a source who shares family relationship with Governor Yari, he said the only stumbling block to Yari’s marriage to the President’s daughter is the President who was said to have given a stern warning to his daughter to stay away from the Governor.
The Zamfara State Governor according to sources close to the presidency, has gone as far as dolling out gifts to the first lady and other members of the Buhari family.
He is also alleged to have funded the First Lady’s recent Hajj trip to Saudi Arabia with $1million.
As part of his moves, Yari enlisted the husband of Halima, elder daughter of Buhari, showered him gifts including awarding him contracts in Zamfara state to persuade the first family into accepting his overtures to marry the President’s daughter who just graduated from a British University.

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