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S-C-A-N-D-A-L-I-Z-E-D! Benue State University Lecturer Accused Of Being A Serial Rapist With Small JOYSTICK......

Pictured above, is a lecturer with the Benue State University, Mkor Aondona. He has received so many punches from a lot of people owing to his support for the Governor Ortom's Administration. 

Well, he has been involved in so many controversies and this wouldn't be the first. And now a girl simply identified by the name, Stephanie Baaki has also come forward to accuse him on Facebook of being a serial r*pist. As if that wasn't enough,  she moves to his 'Joystick' pen*s tagging it as tiny. Hmmm....Bad girl. Read what she wrote below;

See the girls photo below and Mr Mkor Aondona's ( Mopol) reply below....


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