TINUBU VS OYEGUN: Paul Unongo Speaks OnThe Crisis Rocking The Ruling Party APC

At 81 years of age, I am not a novice in Nigerian politics. I have spent over six decades participating actively in politics. So, I know much about the trend of Nigerian politics. We can look at what is happening in the All Progressives Congress in different ways. At my level, I believe it is good for democratic practice in Nigeria. Whenever there is a controversy, Nigerians are scared, especially when the political party that is involved is the ruling party. People are scared that the crisis could destabilise the party. Are we supposed to have a party of sycophants that does not get destabilised?

The problem of Nigeria’s political party structure from evolution is lack of internal democracy. In relation to this, there is a phenomenon where a few people attempt to capture the structure of a political party and impose their will on the party. Also, when two critical members of a political party in the persons of Bola Tinubu and John Odigie-Oyegun open up to the public, the assumption is that they must have discussed the issues at the highest level of the party over and over without reaching an agreement.

The disagreement could be over the need to follow the party’s ideology. Should the APC, the leftist party, suffer from the ills that the Peoples Democratic Party appears to have suffered from? Should the leader of the party who suffered a lot to build the party sit down and watch the party being destroyed? I think Tinubu might have weighed the fact that he is a national leader of the party; he might have made failed attempts to resolve the issues internally before coming to the public.

People might have said, “Don’t disgrace the party.” But we should understand that a political party is not a religious organisation. It is an ideological creation ofman to manage political affairs. And if the APC has deviated from its ideology, somebody has to draw our attention to that.

Nigerians should not see this as a destabilisation but a struggle to restore internal democracy.

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