Why Governor Ortom Needs Benue Peoples Support To Succeed

By Linus Hagher
When the seat of the number one citizen of Benue state was zoned to the MINDA axis, the arrangement was that any man/woman of Iharev, Masev or Nongov extraction could take the position.

The battle for the coveted seat was fierce as a handful of qualified MINDA sons indicated interest to clinch the position. But Samuel Ortom was the lucky man to get the people's nod to occupy the Benue People's House.
It is true that some people were aggrieved with the manner Ortom got the APC ticket to contest the election. It is also true that the most wounded character in the whole drama, Emmanuel Jime has let go albeit reluctantly.
So I expect those who were equally saddened by the entire episode to forgive Ortom as Jime did and team up with the governor to enable him to succeed.
The other group that still feels bad about Ortom's emergence as the governor are those who were behind the PDP candidate during the governorship election, Dr. Terhemen Tarzoor.
I also hope that they too call a spade a spade and support the present administration, not because they like the governor. But because his success will also benefit them.
I make bold to say governor Ortom has a track record of excelling in any assignment. He is truly humane and people-centred in his orientation.
That is why I don't see him failing by deliberately paying deaf ears to the people's plight.
Yes, the state is going through a hell of times due to the challenges in paying workers salaries and other entitlements occasioned by the dwindling fortunes of the Nigerian economy.
The people are hungry but we pray that this trying times too shall pass even as we hope to see the state economy coming alive someday.
It is also our hope that the governor would be his best in ensuring that the little money that comes to the state is deployed judiciously.
We know that the governor, by his nature, would never subject his people to hunger and suffering intentionally because that may have a repercussion.
And for those praying for his downfall just because they want the coast to be clearer for their political party(ies) in 2019, they should be mindful of the fact that if it is the will of God, Ortom shall be there till 2023. And if God answers their prayers by limiting the governor's ability to perform for eight years, just imagine the pain.
Ortom has only his name and integrity to protect as far as I am concerned. But we have even our lives and the future of the state at stake if he fails.
Finally, we have to know that leadership comes from God. So let's see Ortom's occupation of the Benue People's House as an act of God. If it is not God's will, we will know with time. So for now, let's pray for him to succeed, for the common good of all of us.

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