WONDERS: This Man Can Tell A Lady's Future By Fondling Their Br*ast [ WATCH VIDEO]

Nothing person no go see in this world oo. Touching of bo*obs to tell one's future? 

I hope he doesn't see only bo@bs hanging around everywhere. How about guys..Does he do same ? Lols . Read it below..

While some mystics can tell what the future holds for you by simply studying the lines in your palms, an old Chinese man introduces a bizarre method and no one is screaming sexual harassment.

According to Mirror UK, the short clip posted from China by a user called Xiao Yuwen shows an elderly man cupping a woman’s breast in a bid to tell her future. The woman looks perplexed as the impassive man held on her breast, his crutches on his other hand, as he ‘looks’ into her future.
Folks gathered around them, watching the spectacle, and the clip ends without us knowing what exactly he saw about her.
However, the bizarre practice has drawn reactions over the world, with many people questioning the credibility of his method.
Watch the clip here:

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