APC In Shock As Tinubu 'Dumps' Party, Goes After Other Choristers Of Change

Wonders, they say, will never cease. The National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, may have finally had a rude awakening and resolved to  launch a manhunt for the apostles of  CHANGE, the slogan of the party he supposedly leads.

In a piece in the EDITORIAL in THE NATION newspapers owned by the political tactician and undisputed leader of southwest politics, titled ''Where Are The Choristers Of Change', one is left bewildered by the apparently irreconcilable paradox employed to tongue-lash the ruling All Progressives congress, a party  he personally  midwived and foisted on Nigerians  in 2015.
In the piece below, he drew an attention of the reading public to the ineptitude of the cast of neophyte actors who far from correcting the perceived errors of the past  not only aggravated but compounded it thus deserting and leaving his million supporters in a quandary.
Below is the piece culled from the EDITORIAL in THE NATION newspapers published on October 21, 2016:
''Those who vociferously supported President Muhammadu Buhari during and after the general election in 2015 are beginning to sing discordant tune, grumbling and snivelling; even family members are not spared. Members of the ruling party have been in a secret war, murmuring and wailing over appointments, kitchen cabinet and all manner of political quandary. It does not go well with some members who felt cheated in spite of their huge contributions to the success of the party.  But what kept one wondering is that, APC is threading on the same path they condemned in PDP in their 16 years. Same new wine in an old bottle!
In the last one year, the Nigerian economy has witnessed series of shrinking, contrasting, technically and finally went into recession. All the economic indicators from the first quarter to the third quarters have been on a red alert. The business environment has been scorched to the ground. Hunger and starvation have become daily companions of many people to the point that family members are exchanged for food to survive. Crime rate ranging from kidnapping, robbery, manipulations in the oil industry and other social vices has reached a crescendo, and I ponder over this, the essence of the change is to correct the errors of the past before it and not to aggravate it. As it is, the change is not felt in all directions and some Nigerians are concluding that the President’s ‘change begins from me’ launched recently was to reaffirm the negative impression of the public about the change mantra. Do we really have problem with the name?
As it is at the moment, the managers of Nigerian economy kept on floundering and dawdling in tactics with no substantial clue to come out of the box. This has in recent times led to several policy somersaults ranging from rigidity of forex management to flexibility that is still currently not leading us out the economic quagmire. And of course we have so many people making silly excuses and defending the administration that Nigerian situation would have been worse under any other president and in several occasions, blaming the past administration instead of hitting the ground running. This government must realize that government is a continuous process, you continue from where your predecessor stopped.
The APC appears to be in political miasma, from the state to the federal level, they are polarized and disjointed. And if this political hullabaloo and the interest continue, it will definitely shake the foundation of the party and as the President’s wife Aisha Buhari puts it, the party may be heading to Golgotha coming 2019 general election.
The President must listen to the advice of the well-meaning Nigerians to be able to navigate way out of the troubled economy.'' 


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