BREAKING: Taraba State Govt. Give Reasons For the Renaming Of Tiv Towns To Appropriate Jukun Names

Thisdaywatch has it that, the Taraba State Governor , Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku Confirms the reasons Behind the renaming of Tiv Villages To Appropriate Jukun Names.

Speaking with news men The Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Public Affairs, mr. Emmanuel Bello explained that the cities which name were change were the ones that are considered significance to the inhabitants as the spiritual headquarters of the Jukun people.
Bello explained that the initial name of Dan Anacha”- was kwararafa before the Tiv people renamed it under a popular yam specie called Dan Anacha. Mr Bello urge the Tiv People to be more concerned about the Security of their life’s and Property.
It could be recalled that The chairman of Gassol local Government while in a security Meeting announced the change of name of Dan Anacha to Kwararafa for security reasons which he said were Confidential .
Bellow are some of the Town whose Name were changed.Peva (Tiv) village renamed as Chanchanji (Hausa),Tse-Amadu (Tiv) village renamed as Kufai Ahmadu (Hausa),Tortsee (Tiv) village renamed as Kunkunu (Jukun) all in Takum local government area. Genyi (Tiv) village renamed as Rafin Kada (Hausa),Tor- Damsa (Tiv) village renamed as Akete (Chamba), Ishagogo (Tiv) village renamed as Sabongida Suntai (Hausa), Igo (Tiv) village renamed as Burukunu (Hausa) ,Ananum (Tiv) village renamed as Wutobi (Chamba) all in Donga local government area. Waka (Tiv) town renamed as Wukari (Jukun),Tor-Ayu (Tiv) village renamed as Tsokundi (Jukun),Tinen Nune (Tiv) village renamed as Gindin Dorawa (Hausa), Tor-musa (Tiv) village renamed as Jibwaje (Jukun) Tsekaakir (Tiv) village renamed as Chudan (Jukun) Toho Abanyo (Tiv) village renamed as Adikyan (Jukun) Ikperen (Tiv) village renamed as Kemberi (Jukun) Anyam Kwevel (Tiv) village renamed as Bichi (Jukun) all in Wukari local government area.
Now Dan Anacha the biggest Tiv settlement in Gassol local government with over 150 ,000 Tiv settlers has know renamed as Kwararafa (Jukun). The irony of this scenario is that these serial INJUSTICES and unfair treatment meted out to the Tiv people under the watch of Governor Darius Ishaku administration is been celebrated by the Jukuns and other tribes. In conclusion, arising from the above stated injustices. We are forewarning that if these fundamental issues raised are not immediately and adequately addressed, we believe that the governor is setting a stage for CONFLICT in Taraba state.


Teryila Shamija said...

The evil agenda to suppressed the Tiv people has been on going,it is only becoming obvious today because we had lost our identity in Nigeria.It is a pity situation we have found ourselves how could a common Governor wake up someday just to start what he and his co plotters will not finish.The entirety of Nigeria is busy watching this injustice with amusement,no one is saying anything,the presidency is also adamant BECAUSE is their plan to undermine the development of the Tivs who are predominantly Christians, the joint militants groups of fulanis,JUNkus hausas and their Allied forces thought it upon them to wipe the TIV nation but by changing our villages to jukun and Hausa names can not give them the land they are craving for.WE WIIL DEFEAT YOU AGAIN !WE ARE WHO WE ARE.NO ONE HAS EVER CONQUERED US AND YOU CAN START NOT IT


Teryila Shamija said...


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