Edo Governor-Elect, Godwin Obaseki Says Oppositions Are Not Welcomed In His Cabinet

Mr Godwin Obaseki, the Governor-elect of Edo State has ruled out the inclusion of any member of the opposition as commissioners in his cabinet.

He made this known to IPN and other news organisations in a newser in Benin. He explicitly explained that he will only engage the opposition in an effort to elucidate on his policies as he is duty bound to do.
He noted that the reason the does not want them in his cabinet is not because of malice but that he does not want anyone in his cabinet that could have a different agenda from him and could jeopardise his policies for political gains.

Saying his focus now will be how to prepare the 2017 budget, Obaseki said: “My first assignment is to put together a team and get an appropriation for next year because we have to hit the ground running.
“The focus will not change in terms of infrastructure and education. The added focus will be on job creation and empowerment. That is why I need to focus on the budget and ensure I get enough appropriation to emphasise the social aspects which I promised during my campaigns. We will continue to build roads and refurbish schools. What is important is how to get people to work.”

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