Hon Orker Jev & The Politics Of Hate, Jealousy, Envy & Deceit

By Gambo Hassan 

Politics they say is a game of interest, interest in turn is a thing of the mind and what it seeks at any given time. In contemporary party politics many actors are interested in power, some influence and a multitude of others money. Therefore it can be aptly put that some of our politicians are interested in toxic power, others want far reaching influence (be it negative or positive), and the rest want immeasurable wealth. Thus, what happens when there is a clash of this array of interests harbored by a given group of people in a closed political circle is what is then regarded as a 'political rift'.

The fast growing imaginary case of Barr. Orker Jev Vs. Sen. George Akume is nothing more than a moot scenerio depicting this interest/power dichotomy. Although fueled by some insignificant political elements desirous of creating a crack in the George Akume Political Institution, the magnitude of the impending damage targeted would be a significant one in our political unit (Jemgbagh). Let it be known that little minds can destroy big things too, for it only takes a wise man to build but it takes even a fool to destroy.

It would take a keen observer of Benue politics no iota of pain to see the perfect gentleman cum seasoned politician in Hon.Orker Jev, the honourable member representing the highly satisfied people of Buruku Federal Constituency of Benue State. It is also historically justified that Jemgba which is his primary Tiv divison has never in history had two political leaders at a time, that explains why when Sen. Akume abandoned his erstwhile political party and foisted a new flag bearing ACN in 2010 a few months to a highly contentious general election, Hon. Jev followed suit without any hesitation to pitch tenth behind his leader, though on murky grounds, no question was asked, no grumble heard. The outcome? Victory for ACN all across Jemgba in all elections. Akume expressed his appreciation for Jev's unflinching loyalty in so many ways both politically and otherwise.

Fast forward to 2015 with a herculean task laying ahead of the general elections in which the PDP held all the cards and plotted to deal in any manner suitable to them. Sen. Akume rose to the occasion once more and took up the challenge, there is no need asking who his Chief Lieutenant on the bloody frontline was in Jemgbagh. There was no possibility of it being any other person than the the most influential Federal Rep in the whole of Zone B, who is also the silver lining complimenting Sen. Akume's unparalleled track record in Benue politics. Jev once again stood his ground for his leader despite failed attempts to create bad blood within the party's rank at that material time. Sen. Akume led his army once again to the National Assembly with Jev following religiously,the whole of Buruku Fed. Const. behind him.

In present day, Barr. Jev no doubt passes for calculative quietness and efficiency in politics, he is not one to sling mud when its time to fight, he fights fair and even when he loses he does so gallantly with his head high in the hope of an instant rebound. This we saw in the Sekav Tyotom saga. Anyway, that is well behind us now. It is this quiet and calm nature of the MP that is now the joker palmed by his 'adversaries de camp' to be used against him in the clash of interests that had befallen the Jemgba politics at this hour. The plan is to call a dog a bad name so as to hang it. Its simple enough, create an imaginary grouse between the stalwart and his principal and watch the courtyard divide from within until there is an implosion.

It is the prayer of every well meaning Jemgba person that Sen.Akume endeavors to nip all his internal saboteurs and impostors in the bud once and for all. A leader no matter how great can only go as far as his advisers and cronies propel him. Herein, reverse is the case. For every notch of greatness the Senator has reached, I dare to say its the result of his solo efforts, it is good knowledge that he rides alone with his goodwill in his saddle as his only companion. The ones who gather at his feet are deceitful, jealous and envy hearted snakes who propagate hatred and division at the slightest sense of any danger to their sitting position (at the right had side of Oga). Their next target is Barr. Orker Jev, a man who strolls on his own path in pursuit of the betterment of all Jemgba people and Benue state at large without permitting  any friction between himself and his leader Sen. Akume.

Over time Barr. Jev has done incredibly well to cater for the social and legislative needs of the Buruku people, this is something Sen. Akume is no doubt proud of him for. If Akume Stands for the masses then Jev has truly learnt one or two things from the leader. From today until tomorrow, Orker Jev is more of an asset to Sen. Akume's political drive than all the other minions he feeds daily, while they turn around and feed him deceit on a platter of betrayal. For Jemgbagh to remain a stronghold of our great p arty, all useful hands must be kept/left on deck while all pilfering and begging hands must be relegated to where they deserve to be.

If 2019 dawns on us tomorrow, Jev would be a hundred times more useful in liberating our people than all these wolves in sheep clothing crowding around The Senator for a meal ticket.

May these words be cast on stone and kept somewhere close to our leader or may they be burned and cast to the  wind. Someday history will be told about how this situation was managed and the outcome it yielded.

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