ILLEGALITY AND IMPUNITY GALORE: Murder Of Aondosoo Tondo & Subsequent Strange Events

By Peter Shande

Certain elements, fast losing political relevance and thoroughly perverted of type are, hell bent on muddling up the murder of Hon Tondo and turning same into a source of political score-settling. It is like some form of examination where the foolish are asking questions of the wise.
A man who had been very unsuccessful at law practice only to be saved from a shame worse than death has turn himself into roaring lion reminiscent of an Agama lizard falling into water imagining itself a crocodile! This is hardly amazing as he started out as a most incredible ass-kisser. And a woman, whose whole life has been devoted to knowing men horizontally and selling herself to the highest bidder, has teamed up with a charlatan to pull the wool over our eyes over this issue.
The reason is simple: whereas the first, an erstwhile “Charge-and-Bail” lawyer desires to “move up” in life, kind of; the latter is stupidly imagining herself taking over from him when she had lost woefully even in internal politics of a Federal parastatal, which had her eminently qualified for a certain position, yet had her passed over.
My intent here is to lay bare the facts and progress of the case, the chicanery infused therein, the apparent compromise of the investigations, and the evil scheme involving the thick spread of filthy lucre to frame innocent people.
It is true that the First Information Report as prepared by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) recommended and charged to a magistrate court in Makurdi, Merss Kosuvenyi Kungo, Emmanuel Nyajo and Hon David Yimam. It is also true that they were subsequently ordered to be remanded in prison custody till 23rd, January 2017.
Equally true is the fact that a superior court, the Federal High Court in Makurdi, had issued a notice of hearing for 26th, October 2016 following an application by the arrested persons seeking an order or securing the enforcement of their fundamental rights to personal liberty and privacy. They are also seeking a declaration that their arrest, detention and threat to prosecute and search of their houses were violations of their rights. They are further seeking an order of injunction restraining the police from prosecuting them pending full investigation and legal advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The arrested persons are as well seeking compensation/damages and public apology for illegal arrest, detention and search.
Why is there therefore, such a rush to arraign the accused persons before an inferior court when there is this crucial matter before a Federal High Court and when all the parties have been served? Why could it not wait for 24hrs?
It is the height of illegality and impunity to arrest, detain and arraign a person and then, by a Kangaroo arrangement of a mention in court, detain him again when investigations are yet to be completed in a matter.
The higher authorities of the Police at the Force Headquarters are naturally dismayed at this shoddy handling of the matter by the investigative arm of the police in Benue and are rather sceptical of their ability to do any better. This is why they are requesting the Police Command to hands-off any further handling of the matter and hand over all the documents and evidence related to the case to a crack team of detectives from the Abuja headquarters that are already in Makurdi to take over.
Haters with empty heads are claiming that the Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Hon Sekav Dzua Iyortyom is on the run. I ask: how can a person be on the run when he has not been declared wanted? In the charge sheet, the police make mention of “many others now at large”. Is that how you would refer to a Commissioner? How many are the many? Is that not a rather nebulous term where such a serious charge is in contention? How difficult would it be to find a serving Commissioner when all you have to do is ask the Governor to produce him?
When people, for a consideration, are bent on evil, they seem to forget that we all reason. It speaks volumes that up to this point, the Attorney General is yet to put a stop to this stupid monkey-ing around. Even the blind can “see” when walking in a storm. The target of all this arsy-shitty stuff is the leader of the APC in Benue, Senator George Akume. If it were not so, The AG would have stopped this political brigandage, which is all that can said of a case barely held together by string and bubble gum. To get at Akume, no one cares who else is hurt in the process. Collateral damage? I doubt they will consider that because in their little minds, they have hallucinated into gods and life is expendable in feeding their over-bloated egos.
As soon as the miserable, carping dogs are called off, the view will be cleared enough to see and apprehend the killers of Hon Tondo. Don’t raise any eyebrows when you may find that those with uncouth morals and ignoble minds now making wild accusations and tragically marrying the spirit of this time will soon be widows and widowers.

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