KITCHEN & BEDROOM TALK: To Say That About Your Wife, Is The Most Unpardonably Insult To Womanhood

By Peter Shande

“To say your wife belongs to the kitchen and bedroom, is most unpardonably insulting of womanhood...”
This was the opening statement of my friend, Tim Nyor’s post on the furore being raised over Buhari’s crack in response to his wife’s tantrums somewhere in London in the last few days. There have been several responses to the post in which yours sincerely is also privileged to be tagged. As is usual with this kind of situation, most people have preferred to put their brains on lethargic level and are content to go along with the view of the supposed “majority” that immediate identification with a post is so often erroneously conferred on such a view as expressed.
My position differs. To get to the heart of the matter and come to grips with that the off-the-cuff response by Buhari, it would require examining or postulating on the motive of the outburst of Madam Aisha Buhari.  To quote, she said; "He has not told me whether he will contest for re-election in 2019, but if things continue like this till 2019, I won't go out to campaign again and ask any woman to vote for him like I did before. I will never do that again"!
Now, this would have been understandable coming from a person of a faction of the political party, APC, if there was indeed a faction. To be publicly spewing such bitterness when the woman holds no official position in government and is getting all the attention simply because she is the wife of the object of her bitterness, calls her reasoning to question. If Buhari is surrounded by seeming strangers, what part of it is her business since she is not saddled with the running of any portion of governance except Buhari’s household? Is it that she does not seem to be allowed space to treat the Presidential staff as her servants, whom she could appoint, sack, and discipline or intimidate as was the case with other First Ladies?
I fail to understand why people are failing to see the need for this woman to have reserved her tantrums for the bedroom where they belong and Buhari, as far as I am concerned, correctly directed to that effect by his repartee. It is indeed condemnable that she would choose to use an international platform to thrash out a matter that is purely domestic to the Muhammadu Buhari clan. Is she labouring under the impression that Buhari won this time on account of her encouragement of women to vote for him? C’mon, we all know better than that. Some like me had never even heard of her till Buhari got sworn in.
Without fear of being thought to holding brief for President Buhari, there never was any insult directed generally at womanhood as people are bending out of shape to make us believe. If at all there was one implied, its target was Aisha who went running forth at the mouth without thinking.

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