LOPSIDED APPOINTMENTS: Blame Our TIV Leaders, They Are Our Enemy

By Gideon Inyom

When I read most commentaries on the lopsided appointments done by the current central administration leaving the Tiv Nation out and on other hand, giving our Idoma brothers a slot, I fear for the reasons and hate comments portraying the Idomas as our enemies.
I assert a few positions that may give us a different perspective to the issue.

1. If we get appointments based on numerical strength then we should cry foul that we are marginalised, before governments are formed at the alliances posts are negotiated in a political setting, who are the people that negotiated the Benue slots for votes bringing the state to the vote count given the APC government? What was their bargain? If they bargained for individual tickets or interests and on the other side, another tribe or region took group interest or state interest and now they are getting what they bargained and we are here crying foul play, are we been fair to the man making the appointments?

2. The Idomas are not our enemies, in the wake of any political parties emerging a winner, if you are strategic, you will look round the potential spaces to be filled and seek to know what resource you have in there, who was mandated to check with the civil service to check who is at the Director cadre or high ranking in service that can be given a post or recommended for a lift just in case we gain power? Was any of such audit carried out in Military, Foreign Service, Para military, police, academia or do we even know the Benue born technocrats working in various fields home and abroad? If we restrict this to the Tiv nation then we would know that we have no strategy as a people and we can't compete with other tribes or people who are strategically placed and thinking waiting for an opportunity. Our political leaders are not yet thinking of us but their individual or selfish selves against national or tribal interests!

3. As we speak in almost all the cases where a Tiv man gets to the high strata in his/her chosen career it isn't as a result of anyone given them a push or any support from the home front rather, when a leader gets to know that we have a brother in position likely to be elevated, they will ensure that you are not given on the basis of party, clannish or loyalty to a cause different from theirs. They would rather hv you thrown out with a total stranger replacing you than raising another "BigName" to equal up with them! This is the mentality that has held us down and not the Idoma's who have remained strategic, focused and stable.

We don't ask questions but we even provide imaginary answers to questions we form for our leaders in the name of loyalty, this is where we fail as followers. You don't show loyalty by being stupid, you are a solution provider and not a gossip mill to the leaders. How can we do things differently? These are leads to the solution out of the mess we are in.

Lastly, the division amongst our elites is a grave concern, we don't have an arrival chart that reveals our arrival timetable. Anyone who gets to the top, becomes a Lord unto himself, and disregards anyone else who has been there, young people become too arrogant to be counselled cos they have access to a few millions so they are no longer anyone's slave, this is a serious complex that has to be looked into by the new entrants in the have's of the Tiv nation. I don't think anyone can boast of the exact number of Tiv professors or Medical doctors we have in strategic institutions that can come home to serve in positions of authority. The few ones who are even there prefer not be noticed as they fear they may be victims of Pull Him Down syndrome cos they belong to nobody.

Blame it on the right quarters if the Tiv people are not patronised despite being the fourth largest tribe in the NIGERIAN contraption. If anyone is qualified, strategic in thinking and placement, whether Idoma or Tiv, Jukun or Kuteb, let him be so appointed, after all we are all Nigerians, Square up your game my people.


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