OH DEAR: Benue Lady Slapped By A Policeman, Benjamin Agbamo For Asking Him To Pay His Debts

I don't understand but if this really happened then its totally wrong. We know there's cash crunch but why owe such an amount and still beat up your debtor on top of it??

According to Aishatu Ella John on Facebook,The man in this photo is a policeman who eats at the place of one Dooshima who owns a restaurant in Abuja. He is said to be owing her over 10k and when she ashed for it he slapped her. READ WHAT SHE WROTE ON FACEBOOK BELOW;

 This policeman Benjamin Agbamo owes Dooshima N10,000 he eats in her place and owes for his meals and drinks begging he will pay.
She demanded for her money yesterday and he slapped her.
She has already reported the case and written a statement, this post is to ensure Justice is done.

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