By Abraham Orkuma

Ortom is feasting on elephant meat at Benue people expense.
Ortom has proved again and again just how little he cares about the people whose catastrophic situation his is engineering

Poor villagers across Benue are reportedly being forced to live under a very harsh economic conditions while ortom gangs continuously allocate what and to whom it pleases them without due regard to law.One of ortom cardinal principle is looting from state till, ortom has committed economic and human crimes more than any government in Benue history given the short pace he has ruled.Murderers and criminals are being accorded a pride of place in government while the injured, the innocent and law abiding members of Benue soceity continue to suffer for apparent social injustices from a clueless, corrupt and evil embedded regime.
Igbo traders has boycotted village markets in Benue making it impossible for village people to sell their produce even as they complaint bitterly about arbitrarily taxes imposed upon them by government agents.
In the meantime, Benue’s economy continues to tumble, with growth expectations being whittled down to between to 0. For many of us, there is nothing positive about ortom government, and I will continue to condemn such decadence in an economy that is teetering on the edge of disaster. Exasperation with the economic and social conditions can be felt in the air in Benue nooks and crannies among the thousands and millions whose only concern is a decent meal.
You can sense the hopelessness of the poor masses. Yet among them are the unknown village men and women, poor urban dwellers, majority of whom supported and voted for this government to better their lots,the diehards who will probably be dying from ordinary malaria for want of small money to get drugs, despite their own shameful life conditions.
According to a recent local report on living standards, Benue social indicators have regressed from1999, while all our indigenous companies had been closed, our educational system has completely collapsed, health system in shambles, agriculture system has been battered and recently come under serious attack by a thoughtless and vision-less ortom,who believe in taxing local farmers and their produce but does not believe in exploiting the huge potentials agriculture has to create industries, boost employment and generate revenue, hence solving the seemly insecurity in the state. It is a catastrophe on an unprecedented level.
Clearly, ortom does not care. And even if he did, he doesn’t have the energy or wherewithal to deal with the myriad economic and social problems he has created under his dictatorship.
We are faced with few options to get out of this self-created rut. One option is creating and gaining acceptance within the opposition movement and civic bodies to forced resignation of this government and its replacement by a more competent and people oriented government to get things back on track. However, this is unlikely to happen given history of denial and incomprehensible arrogance exhibit by those goons.
Benue people should be ready to fight their way back.

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