PHOTO/VIDEO: Heartbroken Man Shots Self Live On FACEBOOK After Getting Dumped By His Girlfriend

Man commits suicide live on Facebook after girlfriend dumps him
In this absolutely tragic footage posted on the social networking site, a heartbroken young man shot himself live on Facebook because his girlfriend dumped him.

The horrific video was streamed on the account of a Turkish man Erdogan Ceren earlier today.
He tells that camera he plans to commit suicide because his girlfriend has broken up with him.
Erdogan, 22, say on camera: “No one believed when I said I will kill myself – so watch this.”
Sitting in his room bare-chested his first attempt at the shooting fails.
It appears the shotgun locks so he has to try again.
Unfazed he readjusts the camera and again points the weapon at the centre of his chest, clutching the camera in one hand and the gun in the other.
Around 37 seconds into the four minute clip, the gun fires and the footage goes completely black.
The heartbreaking clip posted in public has led to nearly 12,000 comments and around 4,000 shares.
There were desperate comments at the time including one person who wrote “don’t do, for the love of god”.
12 hours before his death, Erdogan had posted a status update “feeling broken” shortly after sharing a picture of himself with his sister and niece.
According to the Turkish website, his relatives heard the shooting and discovered his body.
Local media reports state he later died in hospital.
Turkish police have launched an investigation into the death, which reporetdly happened in Duzici, a town and district in Osmaniye Province.
It is reported that hours before he died, Erdogan wrote on Facebook: “Our love saga would be written, “Behold, the eyes would not cry, half of you is going to tell you now, my hands do without that side.”
Last month he had also posted: “And now he passed away in peace. Why do you think spring is in the middle of ice. Just shut up and smiled at him, I gave a lesson
“That’s why darkness. Forgive me, girl.” TheSun

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