Read How ADOLF HITLER Got Nominated For 'Nobel Peace Prize'

As ridiculous as this may sound the Nazi dictator who led the Jewish holocaust, Adolph Hitler was once nominated for the prestigious Nobel prize for peace.

According to Nobel facts  Adolf Hitler was nominated in 1939.
 The Nazi dictator, Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, by a member of the Swedish parliament, an E.G.C. Brandt.
It stated that Brandt made the nomination to make a statement, he never intended for it to be taken seriously.
"Brandt was to all intents and purposes a dedicated antifascist, and had intended this nomination more as a satiric criticism of the current political debate in Sweden.
 (At the time, a number of Swedish parliamentarians had nominated then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin for the Nobel Peace Prize, a nomination which Brandt viewed with great skepticism. )
However, Brandt's satirical intentions were not well received at all and the nomination was swiftly withdrawn in a letter dated 1 February 1939."

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