RENAMING OF TIV SETTLEMENTS: Taraba Governor, Ishaku Torn Between In-Laws And Kinsmen

By Citizen John Akevi
Our attention has again being drawn to another overzealous quest by the President-General, Tiv Cultural and Social Association (TCSA), Mr Goodman Saa-Aondo Dahida and his co-travellers who recently attempted to decimate the very potent issues of concerns  raised by our unwavering and patriotic group, (Tiv Community in Dan Anacha) headed by Jacob Gbagede and 27 others over the subtle  and destard acts by His Excellency, The Executive Governor Of Taraba State, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku to cow, mock and possibly exterminate the Tiv and her rich cultural heritage in Taraba State.
The Governor had recently started the renaming of prominent Tiv communities and replacing same with Jukun appellations. An ominous development that drew the ire of the people as uncalled for, misplaced and totally meant to put into extinction a legitimate ethnic group in Nigeria. Consequent upon, this led to protest from concerned stakeholders and leaders of thought on the impending danger of such an unguided ignoble action.
In reaction however, the Taraba State Government who naturally was expected to address these genuine concerns raised by this  affected section of her subjects rather chose to carve out cannon fodders to ignorantly defend its unpopular decision against the Tiv group in Taraba state. To embark and achieve  the government’s sad itinerary , President-General Tiv Cultural and Social Association in the state who ordinary should be  the genuine voice of the people he seeks to represent unfortunately played to the gallery with the sole aim of meeting his paymaster’s obscene  objective thus vindicating our earlier stand that he who pays the piper dictates the tone.
In our argument, the Tiv Community in Dan-Anacha did raise very salient concerns on the consequences of the Governor’s actions to replace Tiv communities with Jukun Names.  We adequately brought to fore the affected villages with a view to curtail  a creation of impending disarray and doom, mutual mistrust  and disunity, truncating peace and tranquility in the land  which such provocative acts may bake in the end, given an already threatened security on the socio-political and economic landscape of Taraba State.
We pointed to the obvious facts that such a trend was  capable of breeding deeper strife, acrimony, disunity and even impeding the existing peace between Tiv and their Jukun counterparts. Where then did we get it wrong? Could we have pretended and simply played the Ostrich even in the face of this avoidable menace capable of looming another round of ethnic cleansing? Certainly Not! A government which the Tiv people gave all, sacrificed and overwhelmingly supported in 2015 should certainly not become their very oppressor. The very government they had hoped would be more patriotic in protecting their lives , property and wellbeing should for no obvious reason rise to carry out wicked and anti-people agenda against them.
Alas the government chose to renege on the people’s expectation preferring rather to sow seeds of discord among the Tiv and their Jukun brothers in Taraba State. This is unfortunate and a certainly a sordid tale to relate to any one who cares to listen, and must therefore be condemned by all sane proponents of an indivisible, united, prosperous and formidable Taraba state devoid of all forms of sectional, nepotic and crude promotion of ethnic agenda. Actions which could further aggrevate and set the stage for violence and the propensity for impunity and lawlessness.
It is appalling and unfortunate to note that, Mr Goodman would rather choose to organize a jamboree along his co-travellers to merely dismiss the genuine concerns of the people, asserting  our group to be unknown and sponsored by the opposition APC in the state just because the issues we raised were too hard  for them to address roundly or they probably appeared bent on achieving an anti-Tiv agenda in Taraba using state’s sponsorship and resouces. It further goes a long way to furnish the apparent facts that Mr Goodman Saa-Aondo  Dahida was prior to his election as the President General of Tiv cultural and Social Association was a preferred candidate of Governor Darius Ishaku and as well as registered card carrying member of the PDP, and so for political expediency chose to BURY the TRUTH about the conditions and state of the Tiv group as well as their overall interest for self aggrandizement and the stomach.
One would have expected an all embracing stakeholders and leaders at the Goodman’s hurried prepared feeble press conference for proper consensus positions to be taken on issues affecting the Tiv People primarily, rather the entire exercise constituted only a select set whose majority are well known persons with penchant for petty crumbs.
The said press conference to our knowledge is simply a  creation of, and a sponsored gathering by the very oppressors of the Tiv People and not necessarily represent the collective voice of the Tiv who are directly affected by Governor Ishaku’s humiliating actions against them in Taraba state.
The Goodman Saa-Aondo  Dahida and his group’s position on what is affecting the people are clearly distorted and the essence of their agenda flatly defeated as generality of the Tiv people now know with congent reasons what are their concerns and yearnings.
For us Tiv Commnity in Dan Anacha and the people we represent, it is patriotic and onus on us to at all times defend the position of our  Tiv group particularly when it matters most and at times like this. We shall largely seek to tame any iota of injustice, scorn, threat and  unfair treatment meted out to our legitimate Tiv  ethnic group as long as the supreme Constitution of Nigeria expressly guarantees our inalienable rights to live in Taraba by its spirt and dictates. The Tiv in Taraba are first of all legitimate Tarabans and Nigerians and any attempt to threaten their existence must at all times be resisted.
Citizen John Akevi write a rejoinder in defense of Tiv Community Dan - Anacha and can be reached on 08188188081

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