REPS SCANDAL: Hon Jibrin Goes On Live TV To Expose More Rot In The House Of Reps [VIDEO]

The embattled lawmaker is not going down without putting up a fight. The suspended lawmaker, Hon Jibrin cant keep his mouth shot , as he took his grievances to the media to talk about the good and bad of the legislative arm of government. Watch the video below and read what Gimba Kakanda wrote..
Somebody telling you his colleagues are misusing public trust and resources of the nation isn't asking you to make him a hero, he's telling you to save your nation from them - and he's not exonerated from the mess.
Whether we like Abdulmumin Jibrin or not is immaterial, our concern should be the veracity of his revelations and how to forestall recurrence of a gang of bandits creating projects for the nation and deciding their costs over a lunch or dinner. Without involving any evaluator.
He's alerted us to a systemic flaw in an institution and how we are being serially scammed and taken for granted. Expected from us is an alliance to facilitate conviction of all responsible, even him too - if found guilty.
I don't see how this is difficult to understand, why we have to be a drama queen over an unambiguous issue. By the way, "whistleblower" means an insider who has an information the people don't have. It doesn't mean innocent participant. The word for that is "saint", and saint isn't a synonym of whistle blower.

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