SHOCKER! Photo Of Randy Pastor K*ssing Women's Bare B*tt, So As To Help Them Get Husband

What else can i say when human beings are easily deceived by anyone who calls self man of God. People make themselves so vulnerable and helpless to a point where everything a supposed man of God tells them, they believe. For goodness sakes, what has kissing a woman's bare bu*tt got to do with getting a husband? If this is true ,then its the height of religion been murdered! 

However, i saw this news on and i was marvelled how people fall for such tricks. Read what the site is reporting below;

Africa is a continent of extremes. It is the only place where you get extremely rich people and very poor people. It is also the continent where Pastors steal from their congregation. Recently a Pastor was busted for coning his congregation in Kenya.
Now there is a pastor who is kissing ladies posteriors in order  for them to get husbands. Our women are gullible and will believe anything the man of cloth tells them. Have African pastors gone too far?

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