SHOCKING: How Nigerian 'Corrupt' Judge Disguised Self, Sneaked To Kuje Prison, Apologizes To Inmate Over Wrongful Sentence

SHOCKER: 'Corrupt' Judge Disguises Sneaks To Kuje Prison, Apologises To Inmate Over Wrongful Sentence
A certain unnamed judge of the Federal High Court was alleged to have sneaked into Kuje Prison in the Federal Capital Territory to apologise to an inmate for wrongful conviction.

A reliable source said according to The Nation: “The judge disguised and went to the prison yard on September 13. 

The convict was jailed for being in possession of cocaine.

“But the Federal High Court judge met with the convict and expressed regrets for wrongful conviction.

“He said he knew that the convict was a victim of a set up and his conscience was troubling him.

“He offered to assist the convict in whatever manner to make his stay in prison comfortable.

“But security agencies have picked up the visit of the judge and they have started investigating it.”

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