TERREMOTO: Strong Earthquake Strikes In Northern Italy Again!

Second strong earthquake hits northern Italy
A second powerful earthquake – measuring 5.9 – has hit central Italy, hours after a tremor caused panic in the area, which is prone to seismic activity.
Earlier another tremor – measuring 5.4 – shook buildings as far away as the capital, Rome, 80 miles away.
Some buildings have collapsed, a motorway has been closed and many people in the countryside were plunged into darkness as the power was knocked out but there have been no reports of casualties.
The US Geological Survey said the first earthquake at 7.10pm local time measured 5.6 on the Richter scale but that was later revised to 5.4.
The second quake was felt as far south as Rome, with buildings swaying for even longer than the initial quake.

Italy’s National Vulcanology Centre said the epicentre was in Castel Santangelo Sul Nera, 50 miles from Perugia in the central spine of Italy, which has traditionally been prone to quakes, known in Italian as terremoto.
One Twitter user in Italy, Sofia, wrote: ‘I’m so scared of these earthquakes don’t think i’ll sleep tonight #Terremoto.’
The mayor of Castel Santangelo Sul Nera said today: ‘We’re without power, waiting for emergency crews. We can’t see anything. It’s tough. Really tough.’
A Facebook post from the town said: ‘One of the worst-affected municipalities, numerous collapses, all the people currently in the street (about 300 people).

‘There have been two aftershocks. The Civil Protection declares – “at the moment there are dead or injured”!’
Arcangelo Vicedomini, a software developer in Nettuno, near Rome, tweeted: ‘Earthquake in Italy, 5.6 Richter, epicenter 66 km south of Perugia. In it was feeled well. In Nettuno chandeliers are dancing.’
Today’s tremor came two months after a quake in central Italy killed nearly 300 people.

The August 24 quake – which measured 6.2 – destroyed the hilltop village of Amatrice and several other small towns.
Vanda Wilcox tweeted: ‘Another big earthquake. Epicentre near Perugia, made the house shake hugely here, frightened us enough to get baby up & go out #Terremoto.’
But the US Geological Survey said today’s quake had a depth of only seven miles, which is relatively shallow.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3875648/Powerful-earthquake-hits-ancient-city-Rome-central-Italy.html#ixzz4ODtLo7fM

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