By Peter Shande

 The swearing-in of Sole Administrators for the 23 Local Government Areas of Benue State marks another major exercise of power by the executive office of the governor.

Power without control is dangerous and its deployment must be accompanied by mechanism of control in conflict resolution that will restore stability within the system after such an exercise must have necessarily upset the equilibrium.
The aftermath of these appointment will therefore be reckoned as the real test for Gov Ortom’s administration and the APC party hierarchy, as to whether they have inbuilt capacity to absorb the shocks and maintain a certain degree of organizational balance that is necessary to discourage distortions that would affect the relative tranquillity of the structures. It is a feature of each deployment of power to attract such distortions and imbalance in the inner structures of an organization.
Of truth, there had been heated campaigns towards the emergence of chairmanship candidates for an election that the state government was forced out of due to lack funds. True also is the fact that those so appointed are members of the ruling party that had emerged as the consensus candidates even as the primaries proper were yet to be held. But even so, their emergence was trailed by controversy with some of the aspirants determined to persevere to the party primaries in defiance, if these were to hold.
The APC in Benue is now at a point where its internal democratic mechanism will be solely tested in the area of conflict-resolution as never before because it is now a party in power. The Governor and the party leadership have the onerous duty to do everything possible to assuage feelings and engage in political horse-trading that will assist in smothering ruffled feathers caused by this necessary exercise of power. We wait to see how Ortom and Abba Yaro will tackle the issue.

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