UPDATE: How DSS Broke Into Justice Ademola's Home & Arrested Him With Different Currencies(PHOTOS)

The source who reached out to queendoosh.com , alleges that  when the DSS arrived the residence of Justice Ademola,  he was  asked to come out but  refused to cooperate. After so many plea, they had no option than to use a sledge hammer to force themselves through to get him.

About 75 million naira in local currency and over 300 million naira in different hard currencies have since been recovered from the house.

The DSS was said to be acting under the instructions of  presidential order to clamp down on all corrupt judges in the country.

Justice Dimgba, who lives adjacent to Ademola's house escaped. He was also wanted. His house was also searched. A supreme Court judge, Auta  is also involved.

This is the first time in our history that high ranking judges are suffering this kind of humiliation.

More to come...

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