VIDEO: Finally, WHITE HOUSE Gives Approval For BIAFRA Restoration Project

(DGW) As the agitation for the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra continues, concerned world citizens have vowed to spread the agitation of an oppressed people and an oppressed nation as  Rosie Omalicha Segura has vowed to pitch IPOB tents in her city in the USA.

Speaking to all Biafrans in a video message, she said she was working very hard to restore the Biafra restoration project by opening IPOB family in her city because there is none nearby to carry on the Biafra struggle adding that the only one available is in Houston Texas which is about 12 hours drive from where she lives while the other IPOB family is in California which is about 14 hours drive.
These amid other reasons, she decided to open one in her locality to expand the Biafran restoration project. Rosie reminded everyone that President Obama is aware of  and has already spoken to his 'COC' and National Co-ordinator who gave her their go-ahead for  this sensitization program.
Watch the video below:

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