YAKUBU GOWON: Ojukwu Was A Coward, Nnamdi Kanu Is A Criminal. By God’s Grace , BIAFRA Will Never Come

A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once.
Fact is Ojukwu ran away (with his tail between his legs) to ivory coast when it became obvious he lost the war he wasn’t prepared for. He came back to Nigeria downgraded himself from trying to lead the Igbo nation to being a mere senator in one of the Igbo states and failed woefully. After that shameful attempt, he tried to be president(i think twice) and yet again failed woefully.

Not done, he wanted his political party APGA to be the darling of the Igbo nation and once again failed in that dream because the Igbos prefer the Hausa Fulani party PDP after seeing Ojukwu for the coward he is cos they never expected him to leave Effiong alone to surrender to general Obasanjo.
After 49yrs of that sad moment in our national history, another criminal called Nnamdi kanu arose to resurrect the already dead and buried Biafran agitations.

He was running his mouth like a tap against the federal government and receiving emotional donations from sentimental igbos who never saw through his fraud. He was eventually picked up and locked up like the mere church rat he truly is. We would be celebrating his 1 year incarceration in 2 months time.
The biafra agitation is dead and buried again and all we want is a United country were the Igbos, Yorubas and Hausa Fulani can live in peace and harmony.
“Biafra will never come by the grace of God”. Amen

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