BAILOUT FRAUD: Fear Grips Nigerian Governors As FG Lunches New Investigation Into How Bailout Funds Were Spent

Several Nigerian governors are getting jittery as the ICPC investigates how they spend the bailout funds granted to them by the federal government.

“Most of the governors thought I was going to find out how the bail funds were utilized, not knowing that the commission had different intention," Chairman of the agency, Mr. Ekpo Nta said on Monday.

“We witnessed a situation where most of the states were bedeviled with ghost workers syndrome in spite that their resources could pay workers’ salaries.

“Staff verification could not be authentic as most agencies alerted both their authentic and fake staff to appear during such exercises,” Nta said.

He said that the commission, therefore, had to fall back on Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), and matched same with staff nominal list and a lot of malpractices were discovered.

“Some of the workers were discovered to be receiving double and even triple salaries, with two or four accounts, different names in different banks and one BVN.

“They draw salaries from all the accounts on monthly bases, as such I urge all agencies to address the issue of ghost workers with dispatch,” Nta said.

He then called on members of the National Assembly to monitor projects executed by the executive to ensure that such projects tallied with funds appropriated in the budget. 


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