OH DEAR! Bride & Groom Forced To Have Sex In Front Of Guests At Their Wedding [PHOTOS+ VIDEO]

This is the bizarre moment a newly married couple are forced to have sex in front of their wedding guests.
The pair, who had just married in China, are at first seen cuddling under the bed sheets nervously before being urged to romp while others watched.

A guest at the event, in the Zizhou county of Shaanxi province, then intervenes, ensuring that the couple are getting it on by forcibly placing her hands on the bride in an attempt to position her.
Bride and groom forced to have sex in front of guests at their wedding
She says: “You climb onto his body now” while another can be heard saying: “Are you two attached to each other?”
A guest then rips away the bed sheets, exposing the bride who is totally naked.
That’s when the groom grabs the sheets in an attempt to cover his wife, with guests bursting into laughter.
The video has since gone viral in China, where newlyweds are often forced to partake in ‘games’ on their special day.
On Chinese social media site Weibo, one user wrote: “It’s so scary. I don’t want to get married.”
Another said: “I could not stand watching the video.”

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