OUCH! Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill 'Attack' Each Other On Social Media

There seem to be trouble in paradise between American rapper, Nicki Minaj and her man, Meek Mill has both have been throwing cryptic jibes at one another on social media.
This is not the first time the couple have brought their domestic business
online but according to sources, it may be the last time as indications exist that the two may be done for good.
Meek Mill has also deleted his Instagram account in the heat of the social media cold war which sources revealed started from a heated argument over the weekend.
The couple however made up from their brief split caused by the weekend argument only to unleash nuclear warheads on Wednesday.
The media jibes however got so bad Meek Mill had to comment on one of Nicki’s photos. He wrote: “That’s why I make sure I stand on my own and was M’d up when I met you.”
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