PHOTO: Anarchists Storm The Streets of Greece in protest of Obama’s Visit

Greek police had a tough time taming protesters who staged two marches in protest against the visit of President Barrack Obama of the United States of America.

For two nights, Greek police revealed that as many as 150 anarchists were involved in Tuesday’s clashes.
The protests were characterized by marchers throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails while the police responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

“A march by PAME [the communist party labour union] ended peacefully. A second march pushed up against a police cordon and protesters threw two Molotov cocktails,” an Athens police spokesman told Al Jazeera. “That’s when the clashes began.”
The protests were later limited to the Athens Polytechnic, which anarchists have used in the past as a safe haven from police, as they (police) are not allowed onto university grounds without a request from the chancellor.

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