REALLY? Buhari ‘Endorses’ MMM ?*See Shocking Evidence*

MMM Buhari
Nigerians Bet why? Lol. Saw the headline on Current News Now and rushed to open it only to discover that i was scammed. Lol. 

A Facebook user, Adebamowo Adewunmi, has claimed Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, is also enjoying the benefits of the controversial money doubling scheme called MMM. He took to his Facebook post some minutes ago to share a screenshot of the back-end of MMM panel showing one Muhammed Buhari who is expected to provide the sum of N92k to someone.
The Facebook user captioned the photo post: ”Imagine there so called threat to mmm…not knowing that our able president is also a participant…. #icantlaughalone #mmmalldway #MMMrocks”
Screenshot of one Muhammed Buhari using MMM
LOL, Nigerians sha…Muhammadu Buhari is kuku different from Muhammed Buhari!

Hey guys please this is meant to be a joke since the MMM Issue has generated so much heat lately.

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