UPDATE: Faces Of The 2 Lawyers Behind Conviction of Benue TSB Secretary, James Pine For Slapping & Kicking An Employee

By Joseph Asawa
They are Barristers Terkura Damsa and P.D Adi from the Damsa Chambers Makurdi.
While Barr. Terkura Damsa is the founder of Damsa Chambers, his learned colleague, Barr. P.D Adi is a senior lawyer in same law firm which convicted the Benue State Executive Secretary of the Teaching Service Board, Mr. James Pine.

In a legal battle that lasted for nine months, the two learned friends, who are leading council to Mr. James Asema, put up strong and convincing arguments in addition to provision of incontrovertible court evidences so compelling that James Pine’s council, Barr. Ambrose Ikpa of I.A. Ututu Chambers completely lacks the needed arsenals to challenge them thereby leaving his lordship with the only option to rely on the available evidences to convict Mr. James Pine.
His staff, Mr. James Asema who is a senior staff of the Board, had in March 2016, dragged his boss, Mr. Pine to the Chief Magistrate Court II Makurdi seeking punishment for his Boss for slapping, kicking and pushing him (Asema) to the ground severally in the presence of his many senior and junior colleagues.
The two learned friends (Barristers Terkura Damsa &. P.D Adi of Damsa Chambers) who defended the complainant (James Asema), had throughout the legal battle, maintained that Mr. Pine’s actions against his staff is “Criminal” before the law which the court later found the defendant (James Pine) guilty and convicted and sentenced him to five (5) months in prison with an option of N10,000 fine.
Convicted James Pine
These two learned friends possesses an uncommon courage, braving the odds and daring to tread on grounds many would find intimidating.
They are intelligent, visionary and roundly assertive lawyers with a knack for excellence. They are Benue's promising legal luminaries with intention to taking their Damsa Chambers to follow the footsteps of legal giants like the Afe Babaloras, the Ijohos, the Okutepas, the Aondoakaas, the Usamans amongst many others.
Touched by the excruciating poverty in the land and the high level of injustices, the two learned friends thought it wise to use their God-given talent and resources to set up Damsa Damsa Chambers that would provide a means of livelihood to youths as well as contribute to the growth of justice and economy in Benue State.

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