VIDEO: 2 White Men Arrested for Shoving Black Man Into a Coffin Alive

Two white men in South Africa have been arrested for assaulting a black man by stuffing him in a coffin and threatening to burn him alive.

The pair is due to appear in court on Wednesday in South Africa's northeastern town of Middelburg, charged with assault and intent to cause grievous bodily harm, according to the court's clerk.

The 20-second footage was apparently shot on a mobile phone by one of the two white men involved in the incident. It shows one white man shoving the black man, who makes distressed noises, into the wooden coffin and trying to force down the lid.

"Do you want to speak? Come, come. We want to throw the petrol on," said one of the men, speaking Afrikaans, according to News24.

They are also accused of threatening to put a snake in the coffin.

The video, which is undated, has spread rapidly across social media.

It was allegedly taken at a farm close to Middelburg town in Mpumalanga.

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