Congo's President, KabilaI Who's Tenure Expires Next Week Says He Will Not Be Stepping Down

African leaders and holding on to power. According to Time, President Joseph Kabila says he won't step down when his second term ends on December 19.

Despite the fact that Joseph Kabila’s second and final term as president was due to end in December, his government failed to prepare by holding presidential polls in time.

With no elected successor in place, Kabila says he has no choice but to keep leading the country. His opponents and, according to a recent opinion poll, nearly 80% of the population say that nonetheless he must announce his resignation.

Only around 8% said they would support him if he ran again.

On Monday Dec. 19, the last day of Kabila’s term and the day he is supposed to step down, Congo will demonstrate whether or not the latest gambit in the strongman’s playbook works.

Credit: TIME

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