Controversial Lagos Big Boy Shares Series Of Bedroom Pics Full Of Curvaceous Naked Women And Wads Of Money [+18 PHOTOS]

He is identified as King Tee, a Lagos based big boy who takes snapshots of ladies he has slept with. The controversial big boy who flaunts virtually everything has posted a new set of young ladies on a bed full of cash, sneakers, expensive alcohol and jewelries to showcase his extravagant life style.
According to sources, the dark-skinned young man specializes in having s-x with different ladies without condoms in hotels and has refused to change regardless of peoples criticisms. King Tee, whose source of income remains a mystery pays his female clients a whooping sum of N100,000 for unprotected s-x and shares the explicit pictures and videos online for money. The faces and identity of the ladies remain veiled for now. He is currently raking massive cash from his new enterprise despite social media attacks. See more photos:

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