CULTURE: PHOTOS From The Colourful Event Of 'Kyegh Sha Shwa' Cultural Fiesta In Daudu, Benue State

 "Kyegh Sha Shwa" literally means "Chicken with Sesame".
It is however, a choice delicacy of the Tiv of Central Nigeria; a soup made of chicken and thick sesame (Benniseed) sauce. The Tiv people best savour this delicacy with pounded yam. It is indeed a very popular dish. The idea of the cultural fiesta was initiated by Rev. Fr. Solomon Ukeyima Mfa, a humanitarian priest of the Roman Catholic at St. Francis Catholic Mission, Daudu, Guma Local Government Area, in November, 2015. The main purpose of the event is to unite the Tiv People together. Continue to See more photos ... 

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