Gambia President,Yahya Jammeh Takes a Sweep At President Buhari And Other ECOWAS Leaders

The Gambia president Yahyah Jammeh has rejected all the entreaties made by the ECOWAS mediation team led by President Muhammadu Buhari that he should step down as ruler of the West African country.
He noted that the mediators had already made up their mind that he must step down even before meeting him. For this reason among others, he said, he would not step down.
Jammeh said:
“I am not a coward. My right cannot be intimidated and violated. This is my position. Nobody can deprive me of that victory except the Almighty Allah.
Already the ECOWAS meeting was a formality. Before they came, they had already said Jammeh must step down. I will not step down,” he said.
Recall that President Buhari was made the chief mediator in the ECOWAS team that visited Gambia to confer with Jammeh on his rejection of the election results that was won by Adama Barrow.

- Reuters

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