LIVE UPDATE: Latest Report From Ijir Tamen Gboko; See Who And Who Has Been Kicked Out

Government officials arrives Ijir Tamen to monitor the selection of a new Tor Tiv by the kingmakers.
The kingmakers have been adviced to be transparent in their selections.

All the 7 Tor Tiv contenders from Kwande(SHANGEV-YA) are insisting they won't step-down for another.

There is a clear indication that, if the 4 contenders from the Sankera Ipusu step-down for a single candidate, KWANDE votes will be divided.

Contestants for the Tor Tiv stool from shangev ya are seated waiting for the outcome of kingmakers meeting which is ongoing .
There is a headway in the selection process. Ipusu zoned the Tor Tiv to Kwande.
Though, the Ipusu from Sankera are against the zoning, their reason being that their zone have not been givenTor Tiv in the past. Kwande are currently meeting at the Tor Tiv's palace.

Now contestants from Shangev Ya numbering about 7 are in the race including Chief Adaa Maagbe, and Prof. Ayatse amongst others. Kingmakers still meeting.

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