Ortom's Commissioner Accused Of Bribery And Imposition

By Comrade Kenneth Idikwu
As the Igede nation is set to elect a new First Class Chief, it’s really unfortunate that an elder statesman in the frame of a two time Commissioner, Chief Ode Ageh will get stuck in mud, trying to jeopardize a whole ethnicity for personal gains.

It’s also surprising that someone who was the least interested person when the struggle for independence from the Idoma traditional council has become the most active one in the build-up to the selection of the Adirahu Nyi’Igede, our first class chief.
Chief Odeh Ageh, due to his selfish romance with the political empire in Idomaland did not have the voice to push for our Independence, during the times when the Idoma traditional council pocketed our chiefs, he kept mute to protect his own pocket. Today he is fermenting animosity with fictitious tales of hatred against Mr Pinot Ogbaji and all those he thinks will expose his trickery. On the other hand, he is playing the victim and asking for apologies from people.
From reliable sources, Chief Ageh has paid N250,000 to cyber urchins, most of whom are not Igede, to fight his perceived enemies online with sponsored write-ups and has surrendered his Facebook account for that purpose. The question is, what is the interest of Chief Ode Ageh, whose hands should be full with official government duties, with the selection of the Adirahu Nyi’Igede? Why is he fighting everyone?
The whole Igede kingdom are moving in the same direction with the Omi Nyi’Igede in the forefront. A 25-man committee has also been set up to marshal the process of ensuring the emergence of a traditional leader that will represent the best interest of the entire Igede nation at home and in diaspora. 
Except Chief Ode Ogeh wants to influence the enthronement of an Adirahu Nyi’Igede that is loyal to him and his affiliates in Otukpo, it is instructive that he sheets his sword and allows the people’s desire and will to be done. 
Chief Ageh has had ample opportunity to write his name on the hearts of Igede people but chose to throw it away. The scandal of the sacking of over 800 of his brothers and sisters during his time as Chairman of Obi local Government is still hanging over his head unresolved. He cannot claim to care more than the entire Igede people now. He should stop crying more than the bereaved. The Igede people are unanimously on the right path and we will not allow the interest of a single individual to put the hopes, aspirations and future of an entire nation in jeopardy.

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