See Photo Of The Beautiful Female Co-pilot Killed in Colombia Plane Crash On Her First Flight [PHOTO + VIDEO]

Haunting footage has emerged of an interview with a beautiful young co-pilot – hours before she was killed in the Colombia plane crash.

Sisy Arias, who was on her first flight as a civilian co-pilot, was speaking moments before the jet took off from Bolivia.
Sitting in the cockpit of the plane, the 29-year-old, who is well known as a model in Colombia, told of her pride at transporting the Brazilian football team Chapecoense to their Copa Sudamericana final in Medellin.

But just hours later, the flight ended in tragedy when the plane smashed into a mountainside killing 71 on board and leaving just six survivors.
Arias tells the interviewer: ‘One of the things that is very important to know is that the team is using a Bolivian airline to take them to Medellin, even if they are a Brazilian team.’
Today her devastated family said their lives would never be the same.
Her brother said: ‘Dear Sister I’m going to miss the rest of my life I have left, I have no words to express all the pain and emptiness you feel, you were my soul mate and you left me, you left us, to our fathers, your sons, your brothers and all the People who loved you.
‘You were the most noble person I’ve ever met, hope to see you again when God by the end of my road.
‘My illusion of seeing you alive is dead. I love you, until forever dear sister of the soul.’
Her father, Jorge Arias, a Colombian journalist, revealed the news of his daughter’s death on social media.
He said: ‘I hope God will keep her in his glory. My girl, I love you, I loved you and I will always love you.
‘Love, I do not know what my life will be without you. Sisyta, my girl forever.’
Chilling video shows aircrew and footballers in an interview on board the flight before take-off with one striker Everton dos Santos Goncalves saying of a crew member: ‘He is in charge, so everything is fine!’

At one point the manager said that passing through Bolivia was ‘going to give us luck’.
Earlier, the interviewer had revealed how the team was flying with Lamia, ‘a Bolivian airline that is providing a spectacular service in charter flights’.
Another co-pilot, Ovar Goytia, says: ‘It’s like that, Lamia guarantees the service on the charter flights in the most productive way we can and with all the respective aviation safety.’
Video shows how the team was clearly excited and in good spirits as they prepared to make the journey with clubmates laughing and joking together.
Days later they were due to be playing the biggest match of their lives, the Copa Sudamericana, in Medellin.
But their dream run to the final was cut devastatingly short when the plane came down on Monday night after a four-hour flight.
Only three players survived the crash.
During the interview, club manager Caio Junior revealed his joy at taking his team on a fairytale run to the final.
‘We are very proud to represent Brazil and get to this final, mainly because we are representing the small teams in Brazil,’ he said.
‘That gives us strength and pride. To pass through Bolivia is going to give us luck.’

Credit: DailyMail

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