UPDATE: A New Tor Tiv To Emerge 20th December 2016

By Tahav Agerzua

All is now set for the emergence of the new Tor Tiv between December 19 and 20th, 2016.

The date was arrived at during a meeting which Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, held with king makers and contestants for the stool at the Old Banquet Hall of the Benue Peoples today.

Governor Ortom requested the Electoral College to deploy dialogue as much as possible in the selection process and to vote as a last resort.

He urged the Tiv Traditional Council to first resolve the issue of who would produce the next Tor Tiv between the Ipusu lineage in Sankera or Kwande so that only contestants from one of the two blocks would emerge as the paramount ruler.

The Governor urged the royal fathers to select someone who would unite the people and propel the Tiv people to proper recognition and reckoning at the national level and appealed to contestants to live and let live with the consciousness that power belonged to God who crowns kings.

He reiterated his pledge not to interfere with the selection process.

Governor Ortom stated that his administration would map up specific roles for traditional rulers such as their inclusion in evolving security strategies but vowed to sanction any of them that would get entangled with partisan politics or disgrace the institution.

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