UPDATE ON DEM BOYZ: Benue Girls Fight Each Other Dirty As 'benue yahoo big boys' Feed Mosquitoes In Prison; See Raw Photos

A few days ago the news of the arrest of some Benue boys who are tagged 'big boys' hit the cyber space like a tsunami and a lot of people were left in shock with the circumstances that led to their arrest.
As if that is not enough embarrassment already. Some group of young ladies have moved their homes to social media attacking each other on who 'chopped' 'sipped' 'wacked'..lol. And like joke folks are been entertained of all the shenanigans . Well, i saw an updated on linknaija of all the drama and it was worth sharing since gossip flies without flights. lol . See what Linknaija is reporting below..

An outrage has been sparked online following the police smashed of Benue popular big boys that specialized in robbing bank customers by swindling them of their Automatic Teller Machine, ATM, cards and pins. LINKNAIJA.COM gathered that, the fight between Benue girls has been trending on social media platforms for days as some are being linked to the ATM syndicate. Girls are pointing accusing fingers on those who dated the guys before their arrest, some are accusing others of been their wives, some are claiming they are no longer in relationship with the guys. Some of the ladies are even deleting,pictures they snapped with the guys and comments they posted on social media concerning the arrested boys as is now clear that SARS ICT expert are now hunting for those making comments that might help the police to carryout more investigations. Meanwhile, the gang will probably be charged to court this week. We will keep you posted as LINKNAIJA.COM correspondents are currently interviewing the ladies... See photos....

When they were chopping we didn't hear.. Whats all the hue for? Denying them like Thomas.

Guys please dont move an inch as Queendoosh.com will follow all the juicy gossip to serve you as peppery and spicy as it comes.

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