Aww!! Nigerian Guy Gift Girlfriend He Met On '2go' a Brand New Car , Worth 15M For Her Birthday [PHOTOS]

The guy who is simply identified as Fasky millz, has taken to his Facebook page to share photos of Mercedes-Benz C300 he bought for his girlfriend, whom he had met on 2go dating site. The car is supposedly a surprise birthday gift to her.

See below what he wrote; 

You make me feel loved, you make me feel safe but, more importantly, you make me feel wanted. We both knew our friendship would grow from the first day we chatted on 2go, But neither one of us could begin to imagine the love we would both feel now, not dramatically exploding or thundering in our hearts, but slowly growing into a beautiful relationship that only you and I could understand. You are my soul mate, my best friend, my inspiration, and my true love. Congrats to yhu bae… benz or nothing

He also bought a Red Toyota Venza way back for his mum, and he drives a Cool Lexus Rx350, See more photos...

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