Benue State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Chief Odeh Ageh, has reacted to what he described as series of “falsehoods” on the social media against him.
According to Ageh, in the wake of the process of the selection of the intermediate traditional chiefs in the Idoma Traditional Council, one Andyson Iji Egbodo, who could best pass for an “internet thug or call him e-urchin you won’t be wrong, who has become a ready tool in the hands of lying politicians in Igedeland”, has been spewing all kinds of hireling, false allegations and unprintable words on the elders, especially him (Ageh), just because the commissioner is “opposed to the move by the lad’s sponsors to hijack the process of the selection of the intermediate chiefs from the traditional chiefs, whose statutory duty it is to do so.”
The commissioner who said that initially he did not feel compelled to reply Andyson because he was advised strongly by well-meaning people not to do so, given Andyson’s “stinking pedigree”, was doing so when Andyson’s lies were lately bought into by the Ag. President General of the apex Igede socio-cultural organization, Omi’Ny Igede, Ode Enyi, to help make Andyson’s falsehoods more viral on the social media with the intent to dress them to wear semblance of some truths, which they are not.
According to the commissioner, Ode Enyi and Andyson’s intention as well as that of their political backers is first to cause disaffection between the Governor of the state, Samuel Ortom and himself as a state commissioner and member of the state executive council on one hand, and between himself and Igede people as the only commissioner politically representing Oju/Obi in the Governor Ortom led government of Benue State, on the other.
Recently, the Omi’Ny Igede’s acting president general, supported by Andyson on social media, accused the commissioner of misrepresenting Governor Ortom by telling the Igede traditional chiefs that the governor was interested in who becomes the first class chief in the Igede intermediate traditional council, an allegation which the commissioner has rebuffed as a “tissue of lie”, thereby challenging Enyi and Andyson to prove their allegation, since wherever he addressed the Igabwos or chiefs on the matter was in public.
The governor of the state, apart from yesterday when he addressed the Idoma traditional council at the Banquet Hall of the Peoples house, had for umpteenth time made his position on the selection of royal fathers in the state clear at public fora that he would not interfere nor was he interested in who became Tor Tiv or any other royal father in the state, and that the process of their selection was an exclusive preserve of the traditional councils.
Therefore, according to Chief Ageh, he could not have told the Igede chiefs that the governor was interested in who emerges as the Igede monarch, urging the people to regard Ode Enyi and Andyson as liars who do not mean well for them.
Instead, the commissioner saw the dithering among many Igede people over the manner of the involvement of Omi’ Ny Igede in the process of the selection of the intermediate chiefs as a failure of the Ode Enyi who is superintending over the affair of the Igede socio-cultural body only on acting capacity, to unite the people.
The commissioner attributed Ode Enyi’s failure to the pursuit of his selfish interest in the process of the selection of the chiefs – because he, Ode Enyi, is in the race for a third class stool.
The commissioner faulted the role Ode Enyi is playing both as an umpire in the garb of Omi’Ny Igede, and as a contender to one of the intermediate chiefs in Igede all by one person, wondering how he could not be biased.
According to the commissioner, the heart of the matter is that he is against the “kangaroo” manner the Ode Enyi-led Omi’Ny Igede has been used by politicians to organize a clique in Makurdi, with a political underpinning, and came out to announce that the first class stool had been zoned to a part of Igede with a predetermined candidate in mind to occupy the stool, without involving the elders, the traditional chiefs, etc in the process of zoning, and without subjecting the zoning itself to a public sitting, which he accused Omi’Ny Igede of usurping the role of the traditional chiefs.
According to the commissioner, that was the crux of the matter that his part in trying to ensure that due process, in line with one of the pillars of the APC led government should be followed, that has pitched him against Ode Enyi and Andyson including those beating the drum of shame to which they are dancing in the public, for which he has become the subject of their attacks and insults on the social media.
Chief Ageh urged Idoma traditional council, Igede intermediate traditional council, Igede people and the Benue State government to disregard Ode Enyi and his cohorts and what they bandit around with on social media, and ensure the traditional chiefs follow due process in the selection of the royal father in the interest of unity, peace and security.

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