GOODNEWS? MMM Introduces New Measures As Top Guilder Flees Nigeria

Amid rumor of MMM top guilder fleeeing the country, the Ponzi scheme, MMM, continues to make improvements and complete its much anticipated new model, some measures are being put in place to make MMM better.

The information below was posted on the MMM Nigeria team support Facebook group:

1. We are targeting sustainability. Not to destabilize the community. So we cannot work faster than we are doing now.

2. About fake proof of payment (POP), when things are normal, we will introduce a new model where if you attach fake POP (proof of payment), you will be blocked immediately. No matter if you pay the money later.

3. Do not promote other products that are copycats. Believe in the community because programmers are finished with the new model and soon you will see it.

4. Participants who promote other projects will be blocked, some have been blocked already more will still be blocked.

5. Next week, SMS notifications will be turned on for orders. Everyone is to ensure their phone numbers are working.

6. A new measure will be implemented to reduce the long PH (provide help) queue in the system to make it shorter and restore the confidence of the people back.

7. We will make announcements in your PO this week to make clarifications.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s top guider, Chuddy Ugorji, has reportedly fled the country. It was gathered that Ugorji, left Nigeria with his wife to the Philippines.

He fled the country when many investors were waiting to be paid their money with the accrued interest, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

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