MUST READ! This Is The Most Realist Post I Have Ever Seen... Read What This Beautiful Lady Just Wrote From Her Heart

As i was scroling through Facebook, I came across this very interesting message by Mis Awa Agber, and I said to myself wow! This lady just spoke from her heart. This is because, I previously spoke with a lady concerning this issue. Let me not bore you. Please read it below and you'll be glade you did...

 A friend wrote how "he regrets not getting married earlier"(Age 22-25) it was so put together,I read it word by word,and it got  me thinking too..... 

I didn't marry on time too(18-25) because of so many reasons,and one of them was because I wanted to be a super rich woman before 30, know......, "have my own mega cash, before I marry.... *smiles.

I hated the idea of of wives   begging their husband's for everything, including money for Maggie!  

I wanted to have lands ,and houses and flashy cars,and a super big business, before I "settle. 

I wasn't really concerned about getting married to a Rich guy,( i wasnt a gold digger,still aint!) but I wanted to be a Rich woman, a woman with "butter for the bread" her man provided.
 I wanted my husband to always introduce me as his wife ,with pride...*wink

So I watched many of my friends get married,who didn't have any form of income.....some married guys who were struggling at that time,and together the made it . And many of them have lovely homes today,with children who call me Aunty Awa!!!(my nick name).

And you know what? Years have passed,i hate to break the news to you......I am not rich(yet),I Dont have houses ,cars,and all the things I wanted to get before I marry,and no children!!!(yet).

So I ended up wasting my own time!!!

-As much as we all have our timing by Heavens,a lot of our delays are caused by us.

-Don't wait to be comfortable to get married. "Comfortable is a relative word".
-As long as your husband can feed you, marry him ooh!(as long as he is hardworking,and has potential).
-Remember,when it comes to the issue of marriage, its all about you....
-Two are better than one.....


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