Obsessed Much? Ray J Slams Kim Kardashian , Blames Self For Whitney Houston's Death In New Interview

Ray J holds himself accountable for the death of Whitney Houston.

Ray J, who is currently on this season of Celebrity Big Brother, is rumoured to have dated the legendary singer at the time of her death.

Although five years have passed, Ray expressed that he still feels guilt speaking to singer Stacey Francis. In the most recent episode of the UK reality series, Francis, who allegedly had a public falling-out with Whitney prior to her death, brought up the events from 2012. Ray J then went on to make an admission in the Diary Room confessional, saying,

Stacy and I, we had a conversation about what happened with Whitney Houston before she passed. I never talk about it but it was something I felt she wanted to talk about and it was the right time so we talked briefly about it and I told them how I felt, how I blame myself on a lot of stuff.
Ray has also insisted that although several media outlets offered him millions to reveal secrets of the music icon’s death, he turned down every single proposal. He said, “I had so many people calling me offering millions of dollars to have an interview; I was like I don’t need the money, it’s not good money. That’s just not right. My karma would be bad.”

After being approached by Stacey on Thursday night’s episode, all Ray could say was, “Nobody can explain, it’s all my fault. All of that that happened. It’s all my fault.”

Stacey reassured Ray that it wasn’t his fault but later admitted to a housemate that she wished Ray J just could’ve stood up for the singer at the time she was thrown to the media wolves. She said, “When Whitney Houston’s sister Pat went on the Oprah show and said I was stalking Whitney Houston in the club, I was not. We were all standing there talking and having a good time, he know that, he know the events of the whole night.”

Whitney Houston died of an accidental overdose in February 2012.

Ray J also said Kim Kardashian cheated on him.

Speaking to Stacy Francis on the show, Ray accused Kim of straying while they were officially a couple.

He explained: “We were both players. We were both cheaters. You’re looking at it from outside. You don’t know what happened earlier or later.

When Stacy suggested that Kim “would never” do such a thing, the rapper remained defiant and added that both of their “moral values” weren’t at the standard they needed to be at the time.

“People think a lot of things. We loved each other. It’s just the moral values and standards were off. I was loving and lying.” 

Source: Hiphopwirdd / VH1.com

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