Female Assassin Sent By Kim Jong-un To Murder His Half Brother At A Malaysia Airport [PHOTOS]

This grainy pictures show the woman suspected to have killed the playboy half brother of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-nam. Jong-nam who fell out with their father and left the country had branded his half-brother's regime a 'joke'.

He was at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on Monday morning waiting for a flight when two North Korean women attacked him from behind with poison spray. He died on his way to hospital.

Malaysian police has since arrested a woman with a Vietnamese passport named Doan Thi Huong born on May 31, 1988. The police said the woman was alone adding: It is her. We recognised her from the footage and picked her up.'

The head of the NIS, the South Korean equivalent of the CIA, told parliament today that North Korea had been plotting to kill Kim since at least 2012 and that Kim Jong-un was paranoid about his half-brother.

He said: 'After Kim Jong-un came to power, he gave a standing order that Kim Jong-nam had to be taken care of, at all costs.'

Some reports have suggested the assassins held a cloth doused in chemicals in his face and burned his eyes, or stabbed him with a poisoned needle. US sources said a fountain pen may have been used to spray the poison.

This morning it was reported that the taxi driver who transported the women away from the airport has been arrested. He is said to have told police that one of the women was Vietnamese.

 More photos below...

Source: Chinese media/UK Daily Mail
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