MATTERS ARISING: Benue State Government Denied Allocation, As Auditors Storm Benue In Their Numbers

A few days back, I was chatting with a friend concerning the plight of an average Benue worker and the monster of 'non payment of salaries'. He dropped a hint on how the Benue  government was denied January allocation for not paying workers salaries despite collecting chunks of monies from Federal government apart from allocation. Read his words below;

There's massive fraud going on as we speak. Some auditors arrived Benue a few days back in that regards. And most of the workers in ministries are been compelled to sign documents they know nothing about to cover up the lapses.

He said, 

We were made to believe that allocations coming in were enough but now that auditors from the national Assembly are around, we are been forced to sign payment papers reflecting monies we know nothing about.

He continued,
do you that Benue was denied January allocation? The governor , during his last trip to Abuja  was categorically asked to go look for means to clear workers salaries before he will be allowed to access any allocation. 

Right now, the government is desperately looking for means and the only source was to have BIRS as the last resort. Even the money generated from Benue Internal Revenue Service(BIRS) wont be enough.
The federal government has asked the governor , to settle some outstanding salaries from whatever source he can or forget allocation. You see,we are in hard times. For now, only God knows what will become of workers, he added.
It could be recalled,that three days back, the governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose also suffered same fate, after his allocation was seized for same purpose.

More details and documents will be released later.... 

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