Nigerian Woman Grabs Man At The Bank Whom She Said Kidnapped Her, Describes The Scar Near His Pen!s As Evidence

Skye Bank branch in Port Harcourt on Tuesday was thrown into confusion after a female customer waiting in line to be attended to starting screaming her voice out after she sighted a male customer in the bank who kidnapped and rapp3d her severally Leaders NG reports. 

The woman grabbed the man by his shirt collar and called him a kidnapper, refusing to budge while customers tried to pry her hands off him.
She cried as she told them that the man was a member of the kidnap gang that abducted her last year. She disclosed that she remembers the man because he raped her 4 to 6 times each day while she was held hostage and described a scar he had near his penis.

Police officers arrived the bank soon after and undressed the man and just as the woman had described, a scar was found on his upper thigh.

Afterward, a warrant was obtained and the man's account detail was checked to reveal the sum of N98 million in his account. He has reportedly been taken to the Anti – Kidnap unit for further questioning.

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